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"The Imperatus rely on pure brute force and the reliability of their sturdy and easy to produce armored units. They use simple low rate of fire guns and cannons which tirelessly deal out good damage."

Fielding heavy robotic soldiers, including an elite brainbot, with the strong and steady Bullpup Assault Rifle, the Imperatus seem to prefer a grinding style of combat at medium-short range closed quickly using jetpacks. They have no light infantry and their units are significantly slower walking than their Coalition Heavy counterpart but lighter mass. Metal bodies are more resistant to bullets than fleshbags and even the plastic-shelled Dummy drones.

Debuting in Build 27 as only the second robotic faction (after Dummies), their relation, if any, to the "Whitebots" seen in the Cortex Command intro and artwork is unknown. All current Imperatus robots are black and were previously described as Trade Star products, including their brainbot (Trade Star now offers a new, light colored Brain Robot).

All Purpose Robot

"Standard all-purpose Imperatus frame, not suitable for prolonged assaults." Flight time is good. Impact resistance is a weakness. Large head presents a larger target profile.

Combat Robot

"A stronger, more specialized version of the All Purpose Robot, this frame is capable of widthstanding a higher amount of gunshots without shutting down at the cost of lower jetpack power output." Same arms and legs as the All Purpose Robot, but a more armored head and tougher body.

Imperatus Brain Robot


"Brain case mounted on the Imperatus All Purpose Robot frame. This body allows the Brain unit to move around freely while commanding units, but it can by no means survive on its own without good protection." A brain case on the All Purpose Robot body.

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