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Alchiral is one of the largest manufacturers of organic human bodies. Most or all TradeStars in sectors with human populations carry a compliment of Alchiral VAT arrays. The technology is under strict control by Alchiral's overseers to ensure that their monopoly is maintained.
Human bodies are sometimes called "meat puppets", but not all "puppets" are organic. Robotic bodies are strong and durable, but causes the wearer to feel detached from both the body and the surroundings.

Recently the contributions of many different alien species has lead to great advances in bioengineering. The human bodies produced by Alchiral are as much alien as they are human. For example, the endoskeleton is coated with a thin muscle film which will enable a body retain some mobility even when the regular muscles have been severed.

Nearly every part of the body has been augmented in some way. The number of organs have been reduced to a minimum. For tactical and ethical reasons, bodies used in warfare are often controlled remotely and thus lack a brain. However, despite ethical concerns (and protests from some interest groups) there are instances of pseudo-brains being used in soldier units (especially in deepscout units which may be separated from their operators).

Due to the convergence of evolution, or perhaps just the definition of life and interfacing issues, many intelligent aliens are humanoid. This proved useful when designing the universal neurotranslator. It's a kind of dock inside the base of the skull which enables a brain to wire - say limb control to the physical limbs of the body. There's also a small receiver/transmitter for remote control.

In [year], a black hat took over the body used by the President of Ouroboros Security, drove the company into ruin and then threw the Presidents body (and brain) into a meat processor. After this incident the connection security protocols were overhauled and are now believed to be impervious to cracking or disruption (just like before). [1]

Given Alchiral's monopoly status, the presence of cloning tubes in the "Zombie Cave" mission suggests some kind of illegal activity, possibly paralegal. It's not clear how cannon any of this may be as the backstory is in flux.

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