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"Bombs" is one of the Buy menu's categories.


Trade Star

As of right now there are no bombs specifically for the trade star faction, however the Blue bomb and an ambiguous explosive named 'grenade' appears in the first category.


The Coalition uses basic anti-personnel bombs that do little damage to structures.

Frag Grenade

a lovely little explosive that shoots off bullet-like projectiles for more potent damage. Very effective against the fleshier enemies.

Cluster Grenade

It explodes into shrapnel, flame, and more grenades. Even better anti personnel than the frag.

Incindiary Grenade

A grenade that explodes into a pile of napalm. excellent for crowd control.

Explosive Charge

This bomb defies gravity! (actually it will eventually just stick on back ground walls) Stick it in someplace important then run like heck. Very good at getting through doors.

Blue/Green/Red C4

A color coded explosive that requires the same color detonator to trigger. It is great for setting traps, just remember where you placed it all.

Basic Bomb

This bomb... Never equip it to a soldier, it won't end well. This thing detonates on impact and is designed to be dropped from drop ships. (tip: if you want a drop ship to deploy soldiers and bombs load a crab in between. this will keep the bombs from being equipped to the soldier automatically. )

Napalm Bomb

See the above, but replace the shrapnel with fire. Lots of it.


Impulse Grenade

A powerful explosive blast that pushes things with force. It deals little damage on it's own, but when your actor is pushed into a wall it dies anyway. Many more powerful actors can be utterly decimated by a well placed Impulse Grenade.

Disruptor Grenade

Area Denial, a disruptor Grenade sends sparks all around the point of detonation for a few seconds. The result is a field of death that keeps fleshy, or flimsier actors away.


These are the make shift bombs the Ronin craft.

Pineapple Grenade

Timed grenade, make sure to throw it away after you've pulled the pin.

Stick Grenade

Handle with extreme caution when using this grenade, especially dropping is not recommended sice it explodes on impact.

Molotov Cocktail

The classic improvised explosive. Burns explodes and starts fires on impact.


This is the cheapest weapon in the Ronin arsenal, yet very effective because of its long range. The stone can be picked up after throwing for another go in case it didn't break.

Distractor Device

This harmless device will get the attention of enemy troops that notice it and makes them fire at it.


Blue Bomb

The bombs made by the generators in the zombie cave. These are the cheap explosives given to the undead.

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