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Changing.png Please note: the contents of this page are not final and are subject frequent or substantial change, sometimes without notice. Changing.png

This page is a must read for all users prior to editing any page on CortexWiki

  • First and foremost, remember that you are representing the Data Realms Fan Community when you write articles here. Let's go for a semblance of professionalism, please.
  • Adhere to the Style Guide, and use Syntax Highlighting for code!
  • Use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Organize your writing. Organized thoughts are much easier to read and understand.
  • Start at the beginning. While this wiki will be useful to experienced modders, it should also cater to first time users.
  • Ensure that only accurate information is being posted, do not post misleading information or unconfirmed data.
    • (Currently only applies outside of Lua bindings documentation, and should be loosely considered when documenting the bindings)
  • Categorize your articles. If a suitable category doesn't exist, create it.
  • To foster uniformity across articles, use templates whenever possible.
  • Do not upload copyrighted text or images to CortexWiki. However, works copyrighted by Data Realms are acceptable.
  • Obviously your articles need to be related to Cortex Command or Data Realms. Pages not relating will be considered spam and deleted.
  • If a better, more detailed and descriptive page exists on any other wiki, do not recreate it here. Link to it instead.
  • Absolutely no pages advertising or dedicated to mods. We have the forums for that. Discussion of mods in pages (i.e. as examples) is acceptable.
  • Do not write in first person.

Looking for something to write? Try the to-do list.

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