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Trade Star is the corporation behind the Rocket MK1 and Drop Ship MK1 as well as other resources such as a small collection of bodies, tools, and weapons available for purchase. They sell to anyone willing to buy in order to maximize profit.


Brain Case


A small case that holds the brain of the player. The brain is the most valuable objective in the game as is what controls all the operations of your army.

Robot 1

Trade Star's standard robot soldier. Suffers from impact damage more than other units.

Robot 2

Trade Star's robot soldier redesigned to absorb more bullets,it still suffers from impact damage same as the standard robot but it has been reduced by the rebuild. It also has a fairly good jetpack compared to other units.

Brain Robot


Trade Star's standard robot fited with a brain enclosure for prospecting brains to go set up mining bases or make a quick escape if under seige.

Rocket Mk1


The cheapest Trade Star Rocket, but also the riskiest since the Rocket is larger than a dummy's, has trouble landing, and it's fuel is kept under high pressure; if shot, it becomes extremely hard to control. The large fuel load, however, makes it a fairly good offensive weapon, and it explodes with great force and a spray of large pieces of shrapnel and debris upon crashing. This allows it to be used as a sort of impromptu cruise missile, and if the player has money to spare, it can be used as a weapon after using it to deliver its cargo.

see also: ACRocket

Rocket Mk2

Trade Star Rocket MK2.png

Trade Star's Rocket Mk2 is a much improved design of the Mk1 for maximum safety, but it is even more tall than the Mk1 making it a even bigger target but it's high speed and maneuverability over compensate for this weakness. The higher speed, larger size, and much higher maneuverability of this craft make it a even better guided missile than the Mk1. The offset is the much higher price.

Drop Ship Mk1


The more expensive and complex craft, this craft keeps its balance, and is easier and safer than a rocket. Assuming no one decides to blast off an engine, causing the craft to fall and spin out of control, crash, and explode, sending its doors nearly into orbit. Dropship doors are quite dangerous, somehow managing to find a nearby unit and splattering it across the ground every time they're launched. When the engines are shot off, there are two possible reactions: the engine explodes, causing a small amount of debris to drop off and endanger units underneath it, or the engine flies off the dropship at extremely high speed, exploding like a large bomb on impact with a solid object.

Tools & Weapons

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