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Variable Name Description
AddAmmo This is used for things you want to fire out of Rounds.

Works for MOPixels, MOSParticles, MOSRotatings, and AEmitters.

PresetName The name of the thing, used for both in-script references as well as in-game names for buyable objects.
ParticleCount Used in Rounds to say how many of the defined particle you want to spawn per shot.
Mass How heavy the particle in question is.
RestThreshold I believe this is the inertia threshold at which a particle settles, and I believe inertia is probably Mass X Velocity(instantaneous).
LifeTime How long in MS this particle will last after spawned. The particle simply disappears at the end, no gibbing or anything.
Sharpness How sharp this particle is. This is really only useful for MOSParticles and MOPixels.
HitsMOs Does this object affect other MO's?
GetsHitByMOs Is this object affected by other MO's with HitsMOs = 1?
Color Color of the MOPixel, see Base.rte/Ammo.ini for exact syntax.
Atom Defines the collision point and material of an MOPixel or MOSParticle.
Material Determines such things as bounce, density, etc. See Base.rte/Materials.ini for exact things affected and see Base.rte/Ammo.ini for examples.
Trailcolor Color of the trail of an MOPixel, same as Color.
TrailLength Length of the trail of an MOPixel in pixels.
Shell Object thrown out of the EjectionOffset on a HDFirearm.
FireVelocity Velocity (ingame meters per second, 20px = 1 ingame meter) the Particle of a Round is spawned at.
ShellVelocity Velocity (ingame meters per second, 20px = 1 ingame meter) the Shell of a Round is spawned at.
Separation Variance in pixels the Particle of a Round will be spawned at in a line from the MuzzleOffset. Both in front and in back of the MuzzleOffset.
SpriteFile Sprite the MO will take. Uses FilePath = to point to the file. Remember to use / in your path instead of any \.
FilePath The path, starting in the top directory of Cortex Command. Referring to a file without any .rtes or folders will simply look for it where CortexCommand.exe is.
FrameCount The number of frames in your object. Setting it to 1 will cause Cortex to look for the exact name you specified in the FilePath. Setting to greater than 1 will cause Cortex to look for sprites ending in 000.bmp, 001.bmp, and xxx.bmp where xxx is the number of frames - 1, so that a FrameCount of 20 will look for 000.bmp through 019.bmp.
SpriteOffset Offset in pixels away from the BOTTOM RIGHT corner of your sprite. Remember that computers use the fourth quadrant for graphics, so the upper left corner is 0,0, going right is positive, going left is negative, going down is positive, going up is positive. The center of gravity of an MO (will rotate around this point).
EntryWound The wound emitter that should be attached at the impact location when an MOPixel or MOSParticle hits with enough force to pierce the MO. Setting to null will cause Cortex to not attach a wound at all.
ExitWound Same as EntryWound, but the wound that should be attached at the exit locaiton of an MOPixel or MOSParticle that continues through the MO.
AtomGroup Defines a group of collision Atoms for the MO. Much the same as Atom, but you have to define the density of the detecting atoms with Resolution and the depth from the edge of the sprite with Depth.
DeepGroup Same as AtomGroup, but for a different purpose. When a DeepGroup Atom touches terrain, it causes Cortex to clear the terrain the MO currently occupies.
DeepCheck Whether to check the DeepGroup or not.
JointStrength The impulse strength of a joint to breakage. Likely is measured in Mass X Velocity of the object colliding.
JointStiffness A multiplier for how much impulse is transferred through the joint to the parent object. If 0.5 and an attachment recieves 100 impulse, the parent would experience 50 impulse in the same direction.
JointOffset Offset of a Joint on the MO from the SpriteOffset.
DrawAfterParent Whether to draw after the parent (on top of visually) or before (under visually) the attaching object.
RoundCount Number of rounds and tracers in this Magazine.
RTTRatio Number of RegularRounds to fire before firing a TracerRound.
RegularRound The round to use as the RegularRound.
TracerRound The round to use as the TracerRound.
AddDevice Begins the definition of a HeldDevice.
AddToGroup Add to a group in the build menu. Also for the buy menu, but only Actors, Brains (special group, any actor placed here will be a brain), Bombs, Weapons, Tools, and Crafts.
RateOfFire Rate of fire of Rounds, in rounds per minute.
StanceOffset Offset of the primary hand when not in sharp mode, from the body's SpriteOffset.
JointOffset For HDFirearms, where the primary hand should be placed on the gun.
SupportOffset Where the secondary hand should be placed on the gun.
AddGib Begins the definition of a Gib. Must be AddGib = Gib.
GibWoundLimit Number of wounds this MO can take before gibbing.
GibImpulseLimit Impulse this MO can take before gibbing.
GlobalAccScalar Gravity's affect on this MO. 0.5 is half gravity. -0.5 is half negative gravity.
AirResistance Amount of this MO's velocity to subtract every tick. 0.1 would be 10% current lost per tick.
OrientToVel Amount to orient this MO to it's velocity. 0 is no orientation, 0.5 is somewhat slowly, 1 is instantly.
EmissionAngle Angle from emitter's current angle to emit. In degrees, 0 is right, -90 is down, 90 is up, 180 or -180 is left. You can use any angle, but those are most common.
ScreenEffect Defines a glow should be attached to this MO. Glows are attached at their center to the MO's SpriteOffset, or in the case of MOPixels and MOSParticles, their atom. Most useful on MOPixels and MOSParticles because sometimes they'll be hidden behind MOSRotatings and the like.
BurstTriggered Is this emitter off until the first burst?
EmittedParticle The particle emitted in this definition.
BurstSize The number of particles to emit at the burst.
Spread Spread in radians to throw emissions or gibs. 3.14 is a full circle around the original point.
PushesEmitter Does this emission affect the velocity of the emitter (and therefore anything this emitter is attached to)?
EmissionEnabled Are regular emissions (not burst) enabled?
EmissionsIgnoreThis Causes emissions to ignore collisions with the parent and all of its parents.
ParticlesPerMinute How many of the EmittedParticle to spawn per minute. Under 60, this becomes a random chance, as in 30 would cause a particle to spawn on average every other second but in reality means that every second there is a 50% chance of a particle being spawned.
BurstScale What to multiply the BurstSize, Spread, and Min/MaxVelocity of all emissions by when bursting. (May only affect velocities.)
BurstDamage How much damage should this emitter do to attached Actors when bursting? (Only affects actors.)
FlashOnlyOnBurst Should the Flash only appear during a burst (as opposed to the entire time it is emitting)?
FireIgnoresThis Causes gun fire to ignore collisions with the parent and all of its parents. Thus on most weapons, having the firing offset inside the gun isn't going to cause any problems.
LifeVariation A multiplier for how much variance the LifeTime of an Emission of Gib can vary. Setting to 0.5 will allow the Emission or Gib to be 150% lived or 50% lived.
NoSupportFactor ShakeRange is multiplied by this when a weapon is held with only one hand.
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