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Lua Syntax Syntax
If you have no idea how to use Lua, start here.

Lua Datatypes Datatypes
Descriptions of the data types Lua uses.

List of all Lua functions Functions
Listing of known functions.

LuaDocs/Index Official Reference
Raw output generated directly from Data's source.

Lua is a scripting language which has been embedded in Cortex Command since the twenty-first release. Lua can be run from the in-game console or attached to scenes and objects.


Scene-attached Lua scripts are only loaded when a scene activity is loaded from the campaign screen; the scene the activity uses can be loaded without the script via the skirmish menu. The recently introduced campaign missions serve as examples of using Lua to create missions and place them on the campaign map.


Scripts attached to objects can run a different set of instructions whenever that object is created, updated (a game simulation update), or destroyed.

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