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Shields are a category for items held by the offhand or secondary hand of any AHuman actor.

AddDevice = HeldDevice
	PresetName = <Shield Name Here>
	AddToGroup = Shields

Although currently only used by the game for shields, the Shield category has been used by the mod community to enable the creation of offhand weapons:

AddDevice = HDFirearm
	PresetName = <Weapon Name Here>
	AddToGroup = Shields

If an Actor has both a Shield/Off-hand Weapon and a one-handed weapon in its inventory, both can be used at the same time (Weapon in main hand, Shield/Off Hand Weapon in the off hand).

Riot Shield

Cost = 15 oz.

The only shield introduced in Cortex Command thus far, the Riot shield is a simple defensive equipment capable of taking a few bullets so your unit doesn't have to. It is still possible to get hit though, for this reason it is best to stay low to the ground when hiding behind the shield.

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