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//Mass rollback function
//Written by John254
//Adapted from User:Mr.Z-man/rollbackSummary.js
//Instructions: Selecting the "rollback all" tab when viewing a user's contributions history
//will open all rollback links displayed there. (Use with caution)
function rollbackEverythingButton() {
  var hasRollback = getElementsByClassName(document, "span", "mw-rollback-link");
  if (hasRollback[0] && (document.title.indexOf("User contributions") != -1) ) {
    addPortletLink('p-cactions', 'javascript:rollbackEverything()', "rollback all", "ca-rollbackeverything", "rollback all edits displayed here");
function rollbackEverything() {
    for (var i in document.links) {
      if (document.links[i].href.indexOf('action=rollback') != -1) {[i].href);
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