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Animals that were unlucky enough to get caught up in your fight, but that doesn't mean they wont fight back!


The most common native on the planet. It isn't the most threatening creature. In fact it's attacks consist of bumping into you till you die. This isn't the most effective tactic. If you lie down in the sand and let one step on your head it could kill you. Crabs can also be purchased as soldiers for free. They can't use any weapons but a large quantity of crabs dropped in front of the enemy base is going to accomplish SOMETHING.

see also: Crab Bomb

Mega Crab


A crab that defends the nest and protects it's smaller brethren from harm. This Crab has much thicker shell, and can take more bullets than a normal crab. It will jump at hostiles, a well aimed pounce is an instant kill regardless of how much health the target had. You can not at this time purchase Mega Crabs.



A tiny little thing that just jumps around.

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