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SyntaxDrawLine( * The Bitmap to draw to. Ownership is NOT transferred.
  • The absolute Start point.
  • The absolute end point.
  • The color value of the line.
  • A color to alternate with every other pixel drawn will have this if !0.
  • How many pixels to skip drawing between drawn ones. 0 means solid line
  • 2 means there's a gap of two pixels between each drawn one.
  • The start of the skipping phase. If skip is 10 and this is 5, the first dot will will be drawn after 5 pixels.
  • Whether the line should take the shortest possible route across scene wraps. )
Draws a line that can be dotted or with other effects.
ReturnsThe end state of the skipping phase. Eg if 4 is returned here the last dot was placed 4 pixels ago.

  1. for k,v in pairs(PagesWithoutExamples) do
  2.     v.MakeExample(NoErrors);
  3. end
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