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Six AHuman actors from vanilla CC.
Six AHuman actors from vanilla CC. They are, from left to right, a Coalition Light and Heavy, a Robot A and B, a Dummy, and a Skeleton.
Class Information
Class Name: AHuman
Parent: Actor
Limbs: 2 arms, 2 legs
Walking, Ducking, Climbing, Device Operation and Manipulation, Jetpacking

AHumans are a subclass of units derived from the Actor class. Their name is an amalgam of Actor and Human.

AHumans are bipedal, with two arms for device manipulation. They are also commonly equipped with a Jetpack, granting them higher mobility than those not equipped with such equipment. The choice of adding a jetpack or even limbs is completely optional, and depends on the mod's requirements and needs. However, a head is necessary for the actor to live.

AHumans are capable of equipping, dropping, picking up, and storing devices in their inventory, unless their foreground arm is missing. Lacking a background arm may affect the accuracy of HDFirearms used, and will disable them from using multiple devices simultaneously, such as a shield and one-handed weapon, or dual wielding. Missing one leg will affect walking ability, generally surprisingly little. Missing both legs disables their walking ability entirely.

They can also board transport craft.

AHumans can be changed, added, gibbed, and other stuff by Lua.

The .ini files for AHumans are typically very long due to the walkpaths used. A template is available here.

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