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AddEmission adds an emission to any object. Emissions can be used to propel an object (rockets/missiles) or create an effect of something being emitted (smoke, fire, sparks).

AddEmission = Emission //Needed to actually create the emission
	EmittedParticle = MOSParticle //What shall be emitted? In this case we are emitting a MOSParticle
		CopyOf = Small Smoke Ball 1 //Copy a preset of a MOSParticle. As the name suggests, this looks like a small ball of smoke.
		PresetName = Rocket Launcher Smoke 3 //That's the name of your Emission. This is needed to use the "CopyOf" argument.
		LifeTime = 250 // How long this particle lives (in milliseconds).
		GlobalAccScalar = -0.1 //This defines how gravity affects the particle. "1.0" means normal Gravity, "0.0" is no gravity and "-1.0" means that it "falls" upwards.
		EffectStartTime = 0 //When the effect shall start
		EffectStopTime = 500 //When the effect shall stop
		EffectStartStrength = 0.4 //How strong the effect is when it begins. Value fades gradually to "EffectStopStrength"
		EffectStopStrength = 0.0 //How strong the effect is when it stops.
	ParticlesPerMinute = 3000 //How many particles shall be released within a minute.
	BurstSize = 1 
	Spread = 3.1 //That's how much the particles are Spread. "0" means they are all coming out in the same direction.
	MaxVelocity = 1 //The maximum velocity at which the particle is emitted. The actual Velocity is a random number between "MaxVelocity" and "MinVelocity".
	MinVelocity = 0 //The minimum velocity at which the particle is emitted.
	PushesEmitter = 0 //When this is set to "1", the emission will push the emitter like a rocket. The speed at which it pushes is defined by "MaxVelocity" and "MinVelocity".
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