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Browncoat Tech

Browncoat Tech.png
Tech Information
Full Name: The Browncoats
In-Game Description:
A strong mercenary group who are fearsome when confronted up-close. What they lack in range is made up for in durability, allowing them to close distances while soaking bullets.
Gameplay: toughness, extended flight, and lots and lots of fire
Analogy: barbarians (?)
Colors: Brown, Metal White, Gun Black, and Yellow

A recently added race, made by Capnbubs.

The Browncoats are mercenary super-soldiers, even more super than the Coalition's famous "Heavies". They're notorious for their monstrous resilience, and are less encumbered by all their armor than would be expected for other units. Mobility is augmented with extended-duty jetpacks, which few other units use; not that all this results in them being especially quick. Browncoats carry heavy weapons like they were strolling through the park just to see how it all burns.

Their armory is characterized by lots of fire and tersely efficient names-- acronyms of their type and the number of shots they fire. Besides a heavy pistol, assault rifle, and sniper rifle, they field an incendiary shotgun, an incendiary rifle, a flamer, an artillery launcher with area-denial fire bombs, and a napalm grenade. The thing about napalm is that if it lands on a Browncoat, by the time the flames are out, the Browncoat will be down to a third or quarter health, and everyone else will have died halfway through the flames.

As a Tech, they don't seem to have ambitions to control the planet and mine its gold-- they're being paid by the people digging it up for them.



The only Tech to field flame throwers (as of Build27), they are especially strong at defense-in-depth within bunkers. This translates well to offense-in-depth once outer defenses are breached. Flames deflect off concrete and keep burning, making bunker corners and corridors a Browncoat kill-zone. The rest of their pyro effects support a "hit-and-hide" strategy as there's no point taking shots when the flames are doing your work for you.

The relatively high expense of Browncoats means numbers won't be on their side, and however tough they are they're hardly immortal. Good strategy and player multi-tasking is essential to keep your expensive monsters from being shot up before claiming their pounds of enemy flesh, or whatever the whoevers are made of. A combined-arms approach utilizing artillery, sniping, and medium-range suppression will enable Browncoats to use their extended flight times to close distance to their favorite range: up-close and ugly.

Browncoats are especially suited to anti-sniper activity given their strong resistance to headshots and their long-lasting jetpacks. Without good medium-range backup, enemy snipers can be picked off by Browncoats in the perfect opposite of how snipers like to do so.


Browncoat Light


"Tough mercenaries who are well armored and equipped with strong jetpacks."
A strong soldier capable of taking a headshot, like the Coalition units. Although not as strong as the Browncoat Heavy, it is stronger than any Coalition unit and can also withstand direct fire from many units at a time; therefore can be used as a shield for your light infantry or to buy you some time to send in reinforcements.

Browncoat Heavy

Browncoat Heavy.png

"An even stronger fighter than the 'ligher' variant, this monster can take quite a beating before he dies on you."
When seen on the battlefield this unit instills fear in all who oppose it. It is said that the Browncoat Heavy can take up to 30 shots before death.



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