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Coalition Tech

Coalition Tech.png
Tech Information
Full Name: Coalition Military Forces
In-Game Description:
A militarized organization, the Coalition produce a large array of units and weaponry to choose from. They are versatile and powerful, making them a strong ally or a dangerous foe.
Gameplay: Generic sci-fi marines. No real weakness, other than not having any particular strengths.
Analogy: Souped up 50's US soldiers
Colors: Green and minor white

"In some parts of the galaxy coalitions of large corporations is the only form of government effectively available. The military arm of one such coalition is simply referred to as the Coalition Military Forces. The rapidly grown superhuman body is a popular choice of the CMF." [1]

The Coalition has one of the broadest, most sophisticated arsenals of any Tech and a complete variety of units, including some unique offerings. Hardly specialists, they nonetheless have something for every occasion and category. But there's no discount.

Their mainstays are prototypical "light" and "heavy" infantry. They also have a variety of robot crab drones, mobile and stationary, including three unit types no other Tech has.
The Coalition arsenal includes light, heavy, quick, slow, up-close, long-range, anti-personnel, anti-air, det-on-impact, and controlled-det options as well as a one-handed melee digger that doesn't tear up your fortifications! Signature items include the Gatling Gun, the Heavy Sniper Rifle, and their heavy weapons in general.

By all appearances, the Coalition is one of the very top powers in the battle for the planet, though the opening cinematic has them in a line battle with Techion Whitebots and a brainmech which have all yet to be seen. They feature in the "Maginot Mission", though their role in the follow up "Dummy Assault" is uncertain at best.

They are all-around performers, the "Mario" of Cortex Command, their green-and-white units and weaponry setting the standard and featuring prominently in promotional media.



There isn't much the Coalition can't do proficiently. This grants flexibility to counter an array of enemy tactics. But having no weaknesses or strengths means that the Coalition must maintain a combined arms force rather than focus on anti-air or sniping or point-defense alone against counterparts in other Techs with superior specialists at those roles. Even Dummy troops can overwhelm Coalition machine gun squads face-to-face if a lack of anti-air allows their tough Drop Ships to deliver their cheaper units in greater numbers. And without machine gun support the long reload times on the Coalition's powerful cannons means enemies can hit-and-hide to take them apart, or even be "Rambo'd" by super heavies like the Browncoats.


Humanoid units

Soldier Light


"Standard Coalition soldier equipped with armor and a jetpack. Very resilient and quick."

A Coalition Light is highly, if not rediculously, agile and nimble. Unfortunately, the Coalition Light has severely low protection, therefore being unable to soak up as much damage as stronger, slower units do.

Soldier Heavy


"A Coalition trooper upgraded with stronger armor. A bit heavier and a bit less agile than the Light Soldier, but more than makes up for it with its strength."

A more heavily armoured soldier, better implemented as a defensive unit due to slow movement speed.


Mobile crab robots.

Blast Runner

Blast Runner--1X.png

  • Durability: Low
  • Range: Short-Melee
  • Damage: Medium-High; Self Detonation
  • Mobility: Average
    • Jetpack: N/A
  • Gold Value: 25

Description: "Suicidal robot ball. Your base isn't secure agaisnt these until you've filled every nook and cranny with concrete."
With the ability to detonate on command, the Blast Runner is a kamikaze which presents a small profile for defenders to target. Essentially a ground-based smart bomb.
In development CC 1.0 reported to remove the Blast Runner.



  • Durability: High
  • Range: Melee
  • Damage: High
    • Reload: 2 sec.
  • Mobility: Average
    • Jetpack: Jump (light)
  • Gold Value: 70

Description: "Anti-infantry unit. It seeks out enemies and tears them apart up close."
Another Coalition specialist robot, the Drone works best either defensively just around a corner from firing angles or offensively charging on short distances or inserted by air into breaches in enemy defenses. Its radial pulse digger is powerful, but only up very close and personal.
Tip: If dropship-abducting enemy troops (slave raiding), do not try to pick up a Drone; their pulse field will destroy your ship.
In development CC 1.0 reported to remove the Drone.

Medic Drone

Medic Drone--1X.png

  • Durability: Very Low
  • Range: Short
  • Damage: N/A; Heals Allies
    • Reload: N/A; Continuous Effect
  • Mobility: Average
    • Jetpack: Jump (light)
  • Gold Value: 110

Description: "Almost the opposite of the Drone. Send this into the battlefield and place it near a unit to create a forcefield around it that heals nearby actors."
Providing the only healing of any kind in CC Build27, the Medic Drone is a powerful support unit. It provides steady healing of nearby units but is too fragile to take much fire. However, it can survive drops as well as most any other unit.
In development CC 1.0 reported to make the Medic Drone a Free Trade unit.

Gatling Drone

Gatling Drone--1X.png

  • Durability: High
  • Range: Medium
  • Damage: Very High
    • Reload: 3.8 sec.
    • Firing Delay: 1.5 sec.
  • Mobility: Average-Low
    • Jetpack: N/A
  • Gold Value: 300

Description: "Heavily armored drone equipped with a Gatling Gun. This tank can mow down waves of enemy soldiers and can take a beating."
Not as tough as its Dummy counterpart, the Gatling Drone's superior firepower equalizes the difference in armor. Its only real weaknesses are the delay before its gatling spins up and a long reload time. Unable to take cover like gatling infantry, it's best teamed up with shotgun or digger units and possibly long-range weapons support. Solo, it can be picked apart, but supported it can spearhead attacks.


Stationary units

Gatling Turret

Gatling Turret--1X.png

  • Durability: High
  • Range: Medium
  • Damage: Very High
    • Reload: 3 sec.
    • Firing Delay: 1.5 sec.
  • Gold Value: 250

Description: "Heavily armored turret equipped with a Gatling Gun. Like the Gatling Drone, but without legs and with more ammo."
Not as tough as its Dummy counterpart, the Gatling Turret's superior firepower equalizes the difference in armor. Its only real weaknesses are the delay before its gatling spins up and a long reload time. It trades mobility for higher damage-per-second with double the ammo of the Gatling Drone and about 75% its reload lag. Used defensively in medium-distance hallways, it's an invasion-stopper.


Coalition Brain Robot


These were removed in Build 24, but can be downloaded as a mod from the Cortex Command Fan Forums.
A heavily armored robot that contains the brain in a cavity in its chest.
Tip: As big as these guys look, they are surprisingly fast when they are flying around with their jetpack.




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