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Due to the nature of preset variables, discoveries are often made by complete mistake, or on purpose. Many such examples are in current use today, and some are not. Examples follow: (This needs a list. Suggestions: FireIgnoresThis, HeldDevice, AddInventroyDevice outside of scenes, Status)

1. Brain's can be made by simply adding anything that has Health to the "Brains" section in the buy menu.

2. "Velocity = Vector" (See Rocket Code) can be used to add a velocity to an object upon spawning.

3. Dropships, Rockets, and Actors can hold anything. Example: Clones can hold Rockets the same way they hold guns.

4. Brains can "Dissapear" from scenes by making one of the variables for its coordinates larger than the map's dimensions.

5. AddChildObject works now!

6. Doors slice through terrain in-editor.

7. Large Explosions can be made less laggy if the particles have Negative Mass, so it pulls the ground toward the center.

8. Dual Wielding is possible now. Make sure the weapon is in the shield group, no other group is allowed.If you're making a offhand version of a weapon, DON'T use Copyof = [weapon name] just copy the entire code. (credits to findude for rediscovering dual wielding)

9. When you place a grenade on BYOB (Build Your Own Bunker) mode, they will not explode, unless an actor steps on it, then they're like mines. (credits to Tendrop for discovery)

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