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Gibs, short for giblets, are the pieces that remain when something is destroyed excessively. These could be hulking metallic remnants left from an exploded craft, or bloody chunks of flesh and bone that were once a soldier's leg. There are a few ways to gib (verb; turn into gibs) something in CC. It can have its GibImpulseLimit met, (Example; rocket crash) or it can have its GibWoundLimit met. (Example; shotgun headshot) Gibs as well as explosion particles appear when an activated TDExplosive meets its TriggerDelay. A large variety of things in CC can gib, and those gibs can be a large variety of things, both of which can vary from effects to actors to devices.

Below is an example gib:

	AddGib = Gib
		GibParticle = MOPixel
			CopyOf = Spark Yellow 1
		Count = 3
		Spread = 2.25
		MaxVelocity = 20
		MinVelocity = 8

and now to explain it variable by variable.

	AddGib = Gib // The instance call, defines the next text as parts of a Gib.

		GibParticle = MOPixel //Defines which type of particle the gib is

			CopyOf = Spark Yellow 1 // Defines which GibParticle instance to use.

		Count = 3 // Amount of the specified particle to gib

		Spread = 2.25 // Range of spread (in degrees)

		MaxVelocity = 20 // Max possible speed for the particles to be dispersed at.

		MinVelocity = 8 // Min possible speed for the particles to be dispersed at.

There are some other gib variables that are usually left out.

		LifeVariation = 0.2 // This is a variance modifier for the gib particle's LifeTime variable.
0 is default and causes no change, 1 is double to nothing, etc.
		InheritsVel = 0 // This boolean variable defines whether the gib inherits the velocity that its
parent object had when it gibbed. (keep in mind the unpredictability of collisions) Default is 1.

Most objects can be gibbed and can be a gib. MOSParticles and MOPixels can be gibs, but cannot be gibbed. MOSRotatings and AEmitters can do both, as can the devices, HeldDevices and HDFirearms. Actor types (Actor, ADoor, AHuman, ACrab, ACDropShip, ACRocket) can all do both, but they cannot be controlled when they are spawned as a gib. However, an uncontrollable gib craft can have an actor in its inventory, and then when that craft gibs, the actor inside will be controllable. TDExplosives can be gibs, but they will not be activated, so they will lack their timed detonation means of gibbing. Using gibs for explosion effects of TDExplosives gives the modder control over the velocity and spread of the particles, unlike when using AddParticles, and is therefore superior.

The Gib Editor

As of build 23 a ingame editor was added to make gibs. This editor is fairly limited in function as it doesn't give access to the actual gib objects. You can however make an actor gib into other actors using this function. As well as a few odd bunker modules or Explosives and Weapons. The Editor's greatest use is in Gib placement allowing you to fine tune where those bits of shrapanel explode from.

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