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MOSParticles are quite simply MOPixels with an animated sprite. They can be gibs, but they cannot be gibbed.

The MOSParticle instance is set up in this fashion:

AddEffect = MOSParticle
	InstanceName = Gib Panel Orange Tiny A
	AddToGroup = Gibs
	Mass = 1.79
	Sharpness = 1
	HitsMOs = 1
	GetsHitByMOs = 0
	SpriteFile = ContentFile
		FilePath = Base.rte/Effects/Gibs/PanelOrangeTinyA.bmp
	FrameCount = 8
	SpriteOffset = Vector
		X = -2
		Y = -3
	AngularVel = 6
	Atom = Atom
		Material = Material
			CopyOf = Civilian Stuff
		TrailLength = 0
	Framerate = 10

The Explanation

First, read the explanation of the MOPixel, because a MOSParticle is very similar.

	SpriteFile = ContentFile // This means that you'll be defining the sprite's file as a content file.
		FilePath = Base.rte/Effects/Gibs/PanelOrangeTinyA.bmp // This is the filepath for the desired file.*
	FrameCount = 8 // This is the count of frames. *
	SpriteOffset = Vector // This is the [[Offset]] of the sprites base point. Negative halves of the sprite's dimensions, usually.
		X = -2
		Y = -3
	AngularVel = 6 // This is how fast it spins. Unit is unknown. (radians per second?)
	Framerate = 10 // This is the framerate. Unit unknown, likely milliseconds. **

* If there is one frame, it reads the filename defined by the spritefile. If it's more than one, then the game searches for 000 before the file extension, and then 001 for the second, until it reaches the count of frames defined. Look around in base.rte/effects/pyro, and you'll figure it out.

** Framerate is automatically calculated so that the game divvies up the MOSParticle's LifeTime among it's frames. And rarely is the life of an MOSParticle unlimited. But when it is,

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