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Random Activites issues- Occasionally, while editing my Activities, the game will crash on an unedited line for no apparent reason, in this case, TeamOfPlayer1 = 0. --The Fat Sand Rat 14:36, 21 April 2008 (CDT)

Major Restucturing

Moved the more localised version to the top, as its easier to do and involves no edits to base.rte. also, brought some of the comments up to B23.

Needs more details

As that right there^ says, this needs more details on what the heck is what in the activities.ini. for example

"AddActivity = GABaseDefense
   PresetName = Skirmish Defense
   SceneName = Grasslands
   TeamCount = 2
   PlayerCount = 1
   TeamOfPlayer1 = 0
   TeamOfPlayer2 = 1
   FundsOfTeam1 = 10000
   FundsOfTeam2 = 10000
   CPUTeam = 1
   Difficulty = 3
   SpawnIntervalEasiest = 20000
   SpawnIntervalHardest = 8000

What does that SceneName matter? Will this activities.ini only work/run correctly if you play on the Grasslands scene? apparently not, but why does it say that anyways? Does it (cortex command) only load 1 activities.ini? appears it would you go about fighting all factions/mods at once? Why is disabling the basegame activities required? Since it only loads one, it picks another, k What is "GABaseDefense"? Singleplayer vs CPU? These are actually just questions by me. I had the problem if disabling all Mission.rte/Skirmish Activities.ini, then I loaded up grasslands but it only spawned CyborgZombies.loaded .rtes alphabetically, and that was the first, so picked CyborgZombies activities.ini? Will it only load the cyborgzombies activities file, and not the tek troopers, or anything else? question remains, how would I do that? would it work if I went to every mods activities and copy pasted all its "spawn" data to "skirmish activities.ini"? Is there a better way to organize this? W I could use some serious help in organizing all of this. Thanks. APOLOGIES FOR ALL GRAMMAR/SPELLING ERRORS. It's hard for me to proofread this, it all melds together and...ugh. --Dragon239 04:39, 27 August 2009 (UTC)

This page is under siege by commercial spam, requesting protection. -- 15:59, 15 June 2011 (CDT)

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