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Uzira was one of the early explorers. Her team travelled far into unknown space and eventually ran into the ancient and hostile Mu-ilaak. After many long battles both sides were exhausted. The last epic battle took place on the Moon and this is where both sides also got stranded.
Uzira (story only)

Gameplay: Uzira now rests on the moon in a temple buried under thick sediments of dust. One scenario deals with awakening her from her cryo sleep. She will then provide valuable insight on how to combat the Mu-ilaak. She wears a power armour and is not disembodied. Later on, she commands an army of skeletons (unfinished clones grown by an Alchiral VAT control chip which she snatched). He appears with reinforcements during the last mission. In the end it turns out that she owns stock in Alchiral (now of significant accumulated value).

Analogy: Medieval, Undead, Knights

Colors: Dark metal and bone. [1]

Cortex Command's story mode was cancelled in favor of completing just the campaign mode after 11.5 years of development. The intention was that Uzira would be the "big ally" in defeating the awakened remnants of the Mu-ilaak which had lain dormant since her inconclusive final battle with them long ago, arising as the "big bad" somewhere in the middle of the storyline.

Official concept art shows Uzira to be a youthful human woman with something of a girly-goth motif to her equipment. In addition to her power-armor sporting skulls, she has an upgraded blunderbuss-styled cannon.

Uzira's main units are skeletons, including one with armor resembling chainmail. They are armed with "blunder" weaponry which has been included in Free Trade's armory for a long time (along with the skeleton).

Also pictured is what seems to be a brain robot, judging from the tendency of artist Arne to use many-segmented arms on such units.
Uzira was intended to be a unique unit and stated not to be disembodied, so it may be that Uzira also lacks any means of remote controlling other bodies despite being the leader of her faction. Or, this brain robot may be an auxiliary field commander when Uzira is not present. All of this is speculation.

The symbol emblazoned in bronze/gold on the chest of Uzira's units may be a winged hourglass, a symbol which has been used in mausoleums in medieval times, which would fit with the analogies given for this faction.

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