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Shields are a category of HeldDevice items equipped to the background arm (offhand) of an AHuman. Shields don't properly equip to ACrab actors.

Currently there is only one shield in the game. However, the category has proven useful for modders.

Free Trade

Riot Shield

Riot Shield--4X.png

  • Tech: Free Trade
  • Gold Value: 15
  • Mass: 8
  • Description: "This metal shield provides excellent additional frontal protection to the user and it can stop numerous hits before breaking up."

Able to stand up to a barrage about as well as a "heavy infantry" classed Actor, the Riot Shield leaves a bit of exposure. It is best to stay low to the ground when hiding behind the shield.

Off-hand Weapons

Although currently only used by the game for shields, the Shield category has been used by the mod community to enable the creation of Off-hand Weapons:

AddDevice = HDFirearm
	PresetName = <Weapon Name Here>
	AddToGroup = Shields

If an Actor has both a Shield/Off-hand Weapon and a one-handed weapon equipped, both can be fired at the same time.

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