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Imperatus Tech

Imperatus Tech.png
Tech Information
Full Name: Imperatus Conglomerate
In-Game Description:
The Imperatus rely on pure brute force and the reliability of their sturdy and easy to produce armored units. They use simple low rate of fire guns and cannons which tirelessly deals out good damage.
Gameplay: brute force and reliability of armored units. tireless, low rate of fire, high damage weapons
Analogy: Ogres
Colors: Black, Rust

Coal, Oil, Forest, Ore and Energy are the simple names for a few of the massive corporations who through brute force have made sure they are not obsolete in the galactic age. To aid them in their conquest of new natural resources they have formed the Imperatus conglomerate. [1]

All current Imperatus robots were previously listed as TradeStar products, including their brainbot (TradeStar Midas now offers a new, light colored Brain Robot). It's possible the Imperatus will have some units best described as "super-heavy", including siege units. Small and bunker-scale turrets, and heavy armored landers all appear in some developer concept sketches (not confirmed in-development). [2]

The heavy-calibre Bullpup Assault Rifle is their signature and, so far, only weapon (others are reported being in development). Its clip size and rate of fire are unimpressive but reload times are comfortable, in keeping with their "tireless" image. In development, a gatling and two sidearms have been mentioned.



With so little of the Imperatus in Build27, there's little to be said. All units are classed as Heavy Infantry and are more resistant to bullets than almost any other infantry in game. The Bullpup is a hard-hitting assault rifle, but with only 20 rounds, you'll want to choose your shots wisely. The Imperatus Combat Robot is good against the Coalition Heavy, but you can expect casualties on your side, especially against concussive weapons like the Auto Cannon and the Dummy Impulse Cannon and Impulse Grenade.

The Imperatus seem to prefer a grinding style of combat at medium-short range closed quickly using jetpacks. They have no light infantry and their units are significantly slower walking than their Coalition Heavy counterpart but have lighter mass. The All Purpose Robot is better suited to a support role, though current options from Free Trade products are limited; only the Battle Rifle provides anything at range which the Bullpup can't provide better with a front-line Combat Robot.

In-development weapons include two of the most powerful one-handed weapons of any Tech-- a shotgun pistol and a grenade pistol. Paired with a shield, these would enable units to remain light enough to fly in and destroy enemies up close while really only losing the shield instead of health, enabling a strong "boarding party" tactic with units lighter than the Combat Robot.


Imperatus Brain Robot


"Brain case mounted on the Imperatus All Purpose Robot frame. This body allows the Brain unit to move around freely while commanding units, but it can by no means survive on its own without good protection."

Stronger than the current Free Trade Brain Robot


All Purpose Robot


"Standard all-purpose Imperatus frame, not suitable for prolonged assaults."

Flight time is good. Impact resistance is a weakness. Large head presents a larger target profile.

Combat Robot


"A stronger, more specialized version of the All Purpose Robot, this frame is capable of widthstanding a higher amount of gunshots without shutting down at the cost of lower jetpack power output."

Same arms and legs as the All Purpose Robot, but a more armored head and tougher body.

Scouting Robot
<in development>
"A light-weight robot designed for scouting operations. It's fragile, but can easily get around the battlefield with its extended jetpack fuel supply."


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