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A round is the round that a HDFirearm fires. They are quite simple. They consist of both the round particle and the shell.

The standard bullet round instance is set up in this fashion:

AddAmmo = Round
	InstanceName = Round SMG
	ParticleCount = 1
	Particle = MOPixel
		InstanceName = Particle SMG
		Mass = 0.008
		RestThreshold = 500
		LifeTime = 1500
		Sharpness = 250
		HitsMOs = 1
		GetsHitByMOs = 0
		Color = Color
			R = 143
			G = 143
			B = 143
		Atom = Atom
			Material = Material
				CopyOf = Bullet Metal
			TrailColor = Color
				R = 155
				G = 155
				B = 155
			TrailLength = 25
	Shell = MOSParticle
		CopyOf = Casing
	FireVelocity = 80
	ShellVelocity = 10
	Separation = 5

The Explanation

Now the round will be broken down variable by variable. The projectile particles, generally MOPixels, and shells, generally MOSParticles, are explained elsewhere.

AddAmmo = Round // The instance call, defines the next text as parts of a round.
	InstanceName = Round SMG // The name used to refer to the instance later.
	ParticleCount = 1 // The number of particles created when this round is used. This is what makes a shotgun a shotgun.
	Particle = MOPixel // Defines the particle that will make up the round. Does not need to be a MOPixel.
		CopyOf = Particle SMG // Copying a previously defined and named object.*
	Shell = MOSParticle // Defines the Shell that will eject as the round fires. Does not need to be a MOSParticle.
		CopyOf = Casing // Copying a previously defined and named object.
	FireVelocity = 80 // This is the velocity at which the round particle will be fired.
	ShellVelocity = 10 // This is the velocity at which the shell will be ejected.
	Separation = 5 // This is the variance of the X position from the MuzzleOffset of the HDFirearm.

* If you want to define a MOPixel within a round, you just need to have it tabbed as it is in the example, and use the particle = line as your instance call. For anything other than a MOPixel, you may find it to be easier to define it and then use a CopyOf in the round, as shown. When using a MOPixel, as most rounds do, keep in mind that it's properties are very important.

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