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Tracers are special bullets that ignite upon firing, making the projectile visible to the naked eye. Below is an example of a tracer round, note that it is exactly the same as a normal round so an explanation is not provided. Usually the only difference is the color, but the two rounds don't even have to be the same class of object. Tracer rounds are optional.

A standard bullet tracer is set up something like this. For an explanation, see round.

AddAmmo = Round
	InstanceName = Round Gun Tracer
	ParticleCount = 1
	Particle = MOPixel
		InstanceName = Particle Gun Tracer
		RestThreshold = 500
		LifeTime = 1500
		HitsMOs = 1
		GetsHitByMOs = 0
		Color = Color
			R = 247
			G = 247
			B = 147
		Atom = Atom
			Material = Material
				CopyOf = Bullet Metal
			TrailColor = Color
				R = 255
				G = 255
				B = 159
			TrailLength = 45

The Round To Tracer ratio is found in the magazine;

	RoundCount = 11
	RTTRatio = 4
	RegularRound = Round
		CopyOf = Round Gun
	TracerRound = Round
		CopyOf = Round Gun Tracer

Above shows that there are 11 rounds in a magazine, and every fourth round is a tracer round.

Below is an example of a magazine with no tracer rounds;

	RoundCount = 11
	RTTRatio = 0
	RegularRound = Round
		CopyOf = Round Gun

TracerRound is simply left out, and RTTRatio is 0; either one of those would result in no tracers.

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