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A general class for game objects that have a specific role in the actor category. These objects are typically player-controlled. They also can take a variety of forms, including:



Main Article: AHuman

Humans are "soft" bodies typically under the control of a Player/AI.

The only definite requirements to being a human are 2 legs, 2 limbs, and a head

Note: other actors such as Medic Drones (officially AMedic) and certain mods can eliminate the need for limbs, or even regenerate them.

Most Humans are equipped with Jetpacks and can use weapons.


Main Article: ACrab

Unlike their real-life counterparts, crabs in Cortex Command are quadrupedal creatures with no upright constraints.

Note: the Dummy Dreadnaught is a Crab and yet it only has 2 visible legs.

Crabs can have jetpacks equipped, but due to their lack of upright constraints, it is not very stable and only very rarely is it used.


Main Article: ADoor

Doors are entrance ways, in which a piece of metal, that either slides or rotates, usually for the purpose of opening and closing, allows actors of the same team through a path, but acts as an obstacle to enemies.


Craft are airborne vehicle -- With the exception of Crates (officially ACCrate) -- that serve various purposes, such as: Transporting soldiers, bombing enemies, bringing in reinforcements, etc., but mainly Dropping and Retrieving Cargo

Crafts include:

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