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  • Expand the wiki.
  • Add variables and descriptions to: List of Cortex Variables Defined.
  • Fix and add content to Jetpack: add links to relevant material, information/description, and a picture.
  • Add content to Scenes: add relevant links and an appropriate picture.
  • Add content to Devices: links to relevant material, description, and a picture.
  • Add content to Wounds: links to relevant material, description, and a picture.
  • Add appropriate Lua links to pages. Ex: In AHuman, include link to LuaDocs/AHuman.
  • Split out bug fixing/troubleshooting information, and create troubleshooting pages/category. Ex: AHuman should include a link to Troubleshooting/AHuman.
  • Add content to AEmitter.
  • Many Lua functions need descriptions and/or examples.
  • Check that all pages in Tutorials category are in fact tutorials, and not just explanations.
  • Create page for ThrownDevice. See if there's any examples besides its child class TDExplosive.

Remember, just because it is not on the To-Do list, that doesn't mean a page can't be improved, created, or updated.

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