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A general class for game objects that can be held by any AHuman actor or by a Turret on an ACrab. They can take a variety of forms.


Main Article: HDFirearm

Pistol--4X.png   Shovel--4X.png   Medium Scanner--4X.png   Detonator--4X.png   Repeller Gun--4X.png

A concatenated abbreviation of "Held Device" and "Firearm", these generally are weapons, but are also tools such as diggers, scanners, detonators, sprayers, and some other exotic devices. An HDFirearm is anything which needs to be triggered by an Actor at the right time and place for the situation. By default all have unlimited reloads except those with infinite ammo. Technically all have rounds contained in magazines, shells ejected, and muzzle flash, but sometimes they're only technicalities.


Main Article: TDExplosive

Frag Grenade--4X.png   Remote Explosive--4X.png   Anti Personnel Mine--4X.png   Standard Bomb--4X.png

A "Thrown Device" "Explosive" is used for grenades, explosive shells, mines, "Dropship ONLY" bombs-- even a thrown stone. The TDExplosive is anything you want triggered to "gib" at a later time and usually a different place than when and where it was thrown (or fired from a HDFirearm). The trigger is generally det-on-impact or a reasonable time delay, though some are unreasonably long timers so detonators can be used remotely. They can only be thrown by AHumans who have a foreground arm. The speed and thus distance can be controlled by charging up the throw and a parabolic arc makes it easy to throw over/around cover. TDExplosives, unlike a HDFirearm's Magazine, do not reload; once gibbed, it's gone.


Main Article: HeldDevice

Riot Shield--4X.png

Generically named and currently only used for shields, a HeldDevice is equipped to an AHuman's background arm, unless they have equipped an HDFirearm which requires two hands or a TDExplosive. The HeldDevice is not known to be useable by ACrab Actors.

Note: The Buy menu AddToGroup for Shields can be used to make a HDFirearm with "OneHanded = 1" be used as an offhand weapon by having "AddToGroup = Shields" as the only AddToGroup used in an AddDevice declaration which is not a CopyOf.
This is also true for a TDExplosive, but the offhanded TDExplosive will not be thrown and also will only be shown by the Build menu, not the in-game Buy menu. OneHanded non-Shield bombs can be thrown while holding a Shield or firing an "offhanded" HDFirearm.

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