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General class of game objects that move under AI control and, typically, the player's. Each type starts with "A" for Actor and has specific requirements.



Main Article: AHuman

Roninsoldierdafred.png   Jumper.png

Coded as "AHuman", humanoids are soft bodies controlled by the AI or Player. Their main distinction is standing upright and bipedal walking.

The type supports a main body, a head, two legs, two arms, and a jetpack (see Ronin Dafred above); arms and legs can sport hands and feet.
Jumper, a wildlife Actor, is functional as an AHuman with only a body, a head, and one leg. An AHuman can live with all limbs lost, but loss of the head alone will kill them.

Arms on an AHuman can use weapons, tools, and bombs, and shields in the off-hand.


Most humanoids are equipped with jetpacks, but the Culled Clones (aka Undead or Zombies prior to Build 27) are defined with a "Jetpack = AEmitter" which looks and acts more like jumping.


Main Article: ACrab

File:Crabw.png   Coalitiondrone.png   Dummysmallturret.png

Coded as "ACrab", crabs lack any upright constraints for standing (leading to wobbling) and use a quadrapedal walk-- unlike their real-life counterparts, crabs in Cortex Command have only four legs.

The type supports a main body, foreground and background legs on the left and right, left and right feet, and a turret which can be equipped with weapons or tools. Stationary "Turret" actors are made with legs that are invisible and too small to use, like the Dummy Small Turret

Crabs do not use jetpacks though the ACrab type allows it; their lack of upright constraints makes flight control unstable.

Without a "Turret" defined, crabs can't use any items, though ones can be added to the crab's inventory. These are exposed when the crab dies; thus one can make kamikaze "Bomb Crabs" (see also Crab Bomb).


Main Article: ADoor

Doors are entrance ways, in which a piece of metal, that either slides or rotates, usually for the purpose of opening and closing, allows actors of the same team through a path, but acts as an obstacle to enemies.


Craft are airborne vehicle -- With the exception of Crates (officially ACCrate) -- that serve various purposes, such as: Transporting soldiers, bombing enemies, bringing in reinforcements, etc., but mainly Dropping and Retrieving Cargo

Craft are easily recognizable, mainly because their name is an analgram of Actor and Craft. i.e: ACRocket

Crafts include:

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