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Dummy Tech

Dummy Tech.png
Tech Information
Full Name: Orange Dummies
In-Game Description:
These robots were originally designed as test subjects for weapons, vehicle safety measures, and other lethal experiments, but an AI controller became sentient and broke off from its manufacturers, starting a new line of robots and weapons to defend itself.
Gameplay: not made for warfare, but sometimes unorthodox weapon designs offer surprise
Analogy: nerds (?)
Colors: Orange, Gray, Black and Yellow

"The cheap robotic body used by the orange dummies is often used for training exercises and testing. Originally the dummies were controlled by a cheap neurotube CPU. AI programs are still not very sophisticated, but sometimes the random (and nonreplicable) qualities of the neurotube technology leads to the unexpected emergence of somewhat intelligent CPUs. This is what happened to the CPU controlling the orange dummies during a training mission. In an attempt to preserve itself, the CPU used the research facilities aboard a TradeStar to develop a defense against its antagonists. This bought it enough time to replace itself with a decoy and escape.
The official stance of various governing corporation is to respect all forms of sentient intelligent life (as many types of it has been found throughout the galaxy). The Dummy CPU is technically free to commerce just like everyone else, but the rarity of its existence has made it sought after on the black markets."
Note: "CPU" used for “computer” much like calling a “car” a “motor”.

The Dummy Tech is all-around one of the more unusual groups. They are nearly unique in fielding energy weapons, primarily to be ionic with one compact rail gun. The seemingly improvised heated nail weapons hint at their industrial heritage and desperate determination to survive. Their grenades are unconventional too, not relying on fragmentation or even napalm for offense, but impulse force and the only true area-denial bomb in game. Dummy forces also have the only Tech-specific aircraft, two of them. Their cut-rate light infantry are backed by one of the few "tanks" in game and a capable, shielded turret.

The Dummy army features prominently in three official missions, as well as in game promotional material. In this they are second only to the Coalition for being the "face" of Cortex Command. But they seem to trump the Coalition in receiving positive attention from the modding community.



The Dummy have difficulty projecting power beyond medium distances, their energy blasts and even nails fading out (the Annihiliator [sic] being an exception, but short on aiming). The high mobility of Dummy infantry helps close that distance, but the projectile weapons broadly fielded by other Techs shred them, leading to a need for superior numbers and indirect fire (grenades).

Turbo Diggers are ideal for kamikaze erosion of enemy bunkers. Dummies rarely survive these attacks until defenses are breached, but this shifts the battle for both sides.

The Dummy Drop Ship is arguably the best troop-insertion craft due to its armored engines. Coupled with placing a Dreadnought at point when charging, Dummy troops can reach and breach defensive positions, even if they can't hold them.

And despite the teamkill potential, the Impulse Cannon's anti-tank abilities and the Destroyer Cannon's suppressive power add hope to typically frenzied Dummy battles.


Dummy Controller

Dummy Controller

"Dummy command unit. It's defenseless by itself, so guard it well."
Once these were used by brains as back ups and to expand their control over an area. And they still do, except it's now for the unique, self-aware AI "mother brain" of all Dummy forces.




"Standard dummy soldier. Quite resilient to impacts and falls, and very agile. Made of plastic, it is weak to bullets."
A cheap, highly mobile unit, but fragile. Unlike meat puppets or even other robots, Dummies rarely "bleed out" from damage. Instead, enemies have to finish them off.




"Armored tank on 4 legs. Armed with a machine gun and covered with multiple layers of armor."
Has the strongest armor of any Dummy unit and rivals the toughest of every other Tech. It is slow walking, but also lacks jets or even jumps to aid mobility. Nonetheless, it claws over most obstacles. The Dreadnought's true weakness is its comparably light-caliber weapon: an SMG, sped up and fed by an extra large magazine of 100-rounds with 2.5 second reload. It can take a beating, and has to before finishing off many opponents.


Small MG Turret

Dummy Small Turret

"Small turret with a machine gun for general base defense."
It may be small and stationary, but it's generally mowing you down before you can knock its armor off. Its weapon is actually a somewhat slow submachine gun with a long 3-second reload backed by a large 80-round magazine.



Dummy Rocklet

"Small and compact space transport. Incredibly light and fast."
It presents a much smaller target than either of the Free Trade's standard rockets, but is harder to control and less armored. However, it is cheaper. Like all rockets, it doubles as an improvised cruise missile, especially when filled with bombs, but is less damaging than its larger cousins.
Note: Strangely the game will not use these in Skirmishes.

see also: ACRocket

Drop Ship

Dummy Drop Ship

"Heavily armored aerial transport. Very reliable and stable."
A Dummy-orange drop ship like Free Trade's Mark I but with much less of its engines exposed. It's slightly cheaper but harder to control than a Dropship Mk1. Due to the additional shielding around the engines, it makes a better slave raider than its cousin.
Tip: The grey bits of the engine are the only unarmored part, presenting the main vulnerability to anti-air attacks.

See also: ACDropship




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